Why Is Diabetes Mellitus so Dangerous?

diabetes mellitusWhy is diabetes mellitus so dangerous to the men’s health? Diabetes mellitus is dangerous first of all for macro vessels and capillary tubes because this disorder destroys the blood supply of different organs. Subsequently, they cannot function as they are to operate. For example, eye vessels overtension can lead to cataract, destruction of amphiblestrodes and blindness. Inadequate blood supply of kidney can result in chronic kidney disease. Toxicity of blood sugar in vessels of hands and legs can cause neuropathy.

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a sensory anesthesia. Also, Blood sugar toxicity of hands and legs gives rise to trophic ulcers, mortification and as a resulting loss of extremities. As you see we can give a lot of examples of the negative influence of diabetes mellitus, but if you notice the first symptoms, you should consult the doctor without any hesitation. You together with the doctor will work out the treatment plan. If you want to take qualified drugs you may check out the website of Canadian Pharmacy. It is a pharmaceutical company conducting its activities on the Internet. Nowadays it is rather popular to order drugs online and it doesn’t matter in what country you live, Canadian Pharmacy will deliver parcels for you everywhere you wish.

As to come back to the diabetes mellitus and its symptoms, we can point out the major symptoms. Namely, they are urinary frequency, especially in the darkness hours, unquenchable thirst or dry mouth, weight loss though stable appetite, general weakness, rapid fatigability, heavy legs, recurrent giddiness, susceptibility to the inflammatory diseases, slow wound repair, empyesis on the skin and mucous tunic. The symptoms may vary being dependent on the stage development of the disease. They can present by larger and lesser extent.

Of course, diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease, but twenty-first-century medicine let us name it as a specific way of living. But it is very important the patient will be determined a right diagnosis with early stage. Preventive measures and preliminary diagnosis are the first functions carried out by medicine as a science. The condition of a patient with diabetes mellitus depends on the way of living, feed system and self-control. These steps can allow doctors to take the disease under control, to keep the quality of life and prolong it.