Best Traditional Methods of Pneumonia Treatment

Traditional medicine is effective at pneumonia treatment because herbs are composed of anti-inflammatory, antiallergenic, vasodilating, anesthetic chemical substances. If they are corrected pre-dosed and harmonized with doctor’s prescriptions pneumonia will be treated in short periods of time.
There are various aspects recommended by doctors even if you prefer to apply traditional methods of treatment. Such recommendations are:

  • bed rest;
  • ample drinking to get rid of hyperoxemia;
  • warm bath contributes to pulmonary tissue blood supply and allows to reduce infiltrative areas diffusion;
  • correct and sufficient nutrition;
  • genetic inflammatory lung alterations should be treated with antibiotics. Such antibiotics will be appropriate as Zithromax and Amoxicillin.

How to Choose the Best Traditional Methods of Pneumonia Treatment

To treat pneumonia and to choose the best traditional method it is necessary to identify the exact syndrome of this disorder. The main syndromes are:

  • general intoxication syndrome;
  • catarrhal syndrome;
  • pulmonary involvement;
  • hematological shifts.

traditional remedies for pneumonia treatment

There are various methods to cure pneumonia but we will describe for you the most effective among them:

  • Raisins decoction. This substance should be taken three times a day till full recovery. This method is effective either at adults or at children;
  • Aloe fresh juice, ground birch buds and snakeroot leaves. This decoction is successfully applied at adults’ treatment;
  • Dried figs. Add milk to figs and boil on the low heat during 15 minutes. This milk will be efficient in pneumonia treatment;
  • Hazelnuts tincture on ruddy wine;
  • Badger fat;
  • Onion and garlic.

This list may be easily completed with other methods but the listed above is proved to be the most effective. Of course, you may not trust traditional methods of treatment but you are going to try everything to make up your mind what is more suitable for your organism. You are capable also to combine medicamentous methods with traditional ones.

Preventive Measures

  1. Pneumonia as any other disease should be taken under control due to preventive measures conducted beforehand. People over 65 years old should be vaccinated from streptococcus which is considered to be the main infectious germs. Children being at risk zone should undertake pneumonia vaccine.
  2. Annually flu vaccination should be made because flu becomes frequent the reason of pneumonia emergence.
  3. It is necessary to remember about hygiene. It is obligatory to wash hands often to wash down the microbes.
  4. You’d better include nutrition containing microelements capable to improve immunity.