All the Details about Pneumonia at Children

The course of pneumonia at small children namely newborns is very severe. Pneumonia is very deteriorating for children in a case when they are damaged by such diseases as:

  • rachitis;
  • anemia.

Premature infants with mentality disorders are at risk zone as well. Pneumonia symptoms are similar either for adults or children. The course of pneumonia is observed together with dyspnea attacks and increase in the frequency of respiratory movements. If the child is over a one-year-old frequency of respiratory movements should not exceed 40 movements a minute. If the diagnosis is ARVI and dyspnea appears that we may speak about respiratory organs disorders moreover these disorders may have various nature and character. Pneumonia starts suddenly without any earlier manifestations of symptoms.

mother takes temperature of a child with pneumonia


The symptoms of pneumonia at children may be the following:

  • dyspnea;
  • loss of appetite;
  • behavioral change;
  • fever;
  • intoxication symptoms;
  • high temperature;
  • cough and wheezing.

Nowadays pneumonia at children proceeds atypically – either with vague clinical symptoms or with its complete absence. It hardens diagnostics and time to carry out timely treatment is wasted. Pneumonia treatment is arranged with macrolides according to the individual scheme.

Pneumonia at children is rather difficult to be diagnosed correctly because for the first twenty-four hours it is impossible to hear any wheezing at all and roentgenography cannot display exact area of inflammation. Everything is possible to be used to identify some problems if the diagnosis is not yet stated for example such states as emotional conditions, loss of appetite or some other symptoms. Be attentive for your child just to come to the rescue timely.

The treatment should be carried out stationary under the strict control of the doctor. The doctor should take under control the frequency of respiratory movements as well as water-salt metabolism. Of course, it is possible to treat pneumonia domiciliary if the child is over three years old moreover he should suffer from any kinds of chronic diseases. Before starting the treatment it is necessary to determine the exact type of pneumonia: ordinary acute pneumonia treated stationary and bronchopneumonia which is not so dangerous in comparison.


Prevention of pneumonia at children is directed to stimulate immune system through cold water treatment, sanatorium-resort therapy, sensible nutrition, preventive vaccination. You are capable to protect yourself from any kind of disorders if you are attentive for your health. Address the doctor immediately if you observe the first symptoms at your child. It is up to you to protect him from this disease.